Hume Beton Concrete Jacking Pipes

Hume Beton Polymer concrete jacking pipes are made from reactive resin moulding material with filler. The most common material name for this is polymer concrete (or PRC as an abbreviation for ‘polyester resin concrete’). The moulding material complies with DIN 16946-2, type 1140.

This combination of high quality polyester resins and pressure-resistant quartzites leads to a product that combines the best properties of the combined materials. The result is a sewer material that fulfils the high requirements in pipe jacking applications and that also performs excellently in the course of sewer operation.

Strong and Durable Performance

Underground pipe jacking is a construction method that has been tried and tested for years, and that has well-known, undisputed advantages, especially in residential areas. At the same time this process makes particularly high demands on the pipe due to the extreme jacking loads applied during installation.

The close bond between resin and aggregate materials results in high abrasion resistance inside and outside and allows the reliable absorption of high compressive and bending stress (e.g. jacking forces and traffic loads) with thinner wall thickness and reduced pipe weight.

The rigid polymer concrete pipes are structurally stable, avoiding any height differences on the ground surface as well as any leaks due to any offset of the pipe connections.


Hume Beton Pipe Jacking


Hume Beton Segment lining